Thursday, November 19, 2009

Another day

Been a long time since I posted here. It has been so crazy here. I made it to the top 25 of Disney's Mom's Panel finalist and had to drop out because I had just gotten hired as a cast member at the Disney Store. Yes, I work two jobs now, teach and the store, and there is a venture I am starting that a friend talked me into. More abut that later...

Kassie is in college in RI. She is not thrilled with it, but hard for us to give up a 26K dollar scholarship. She wants to transfer to a school in NYC. I am fine with it as long as she can make up the difference between what we pay now and what the school will cost. Her sisters are going to private high school and together it will be over 45K a year. The twins are doing well, in the 8th grade, and getting big, they aren't babies anymore.

Work is work. I love the kids but hate all the red tape and stupid stuff. After 23 years here, everything may be pulled right from under every teacher by a bunch of stupid bureaucrats. That leads me to my venture......

I have been studying and working my butt off and I opened an online travel agency. I need to do something because we need to make ends meet and every little bit counts. Not expecting to get rich or make a living at it, but will do my best to get it up and running and bringing in something.

So for now that is it...I will post here off and on...mostl for my own sanity :)