Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Na na na naaa Na na na naaa hey hey goodbye!!!

School's out for Summer!

The next 70 days will be full of rest and relaxation!!!

Til September Holland School!!!!


An Auntie any second!!!

0000 days til I go down the Cape for the Summer!!!!
18 days til NYC and the All Star Game Weekend!!!
54 days til my cruise!!!

205 til the Boardwalk WDW birthday trip!!!
OMG...I am going to Spring Training!!

Monday, June 23, 2008

A day in the life of a Cuffy's employee....a photo blog

Yes, the sign is right. Buy two sweatshirts get three free, Buy 3 t-shirts get 9 free!!!

Ain't it pretty....lol

Inside photo. We fold those shirts over and over.

AAahhh the infamous stockroom! I spend hours in there....oh and thats Judy.

Kassie doing a dumpster run and the boxes winning!!!

She's lucky I don't throw her in the dumpster!!!

Getting help from the slave driver boss.
Last minute customer call from hell...she is not happy with me!

Ok, so as you all know Kassie and I work at Cuffy's of Falmouth. Something has to be said for a job you actually look forward to going to. To bad I couldn't do it for a living. We work our butts off there, folding sweatshirt and t-shirts, packing and unpacking merchandise and doing customer service. I won't tell you about my aching bones. What makes this job different though is the manager. Not only does she not treat you like you are just an employee, she makes working fun. When it is quiet and we are folding and putting the store back together we laugh and talk. Sometimes Sue even does a little dance. (Did I say Sue is a 69 years young worker who has more spunk and oomph in her than any 20 year old I know?) The Manager Judy, is known for buying ice cream for her workers as a thank you for a hards day work. Or for bringing in muffins for breakfast for everyone. Judy makes the time go faster because she lets us get to know each other. We help each other out and work as a team. I think there would be many happy employees out there if they had someone like Judy as a boss. Then there is my shift supervisor...My daughter Kassie. Yes, it is a dangerous thing to have your 17 year old daughter be your boss. I think I will risk it. She has yet to pull rank, but I told her not to forget that once she gets home I will always be boss. LOL....

I really look forward to working at Cuffy's. I don't wake up dreading another day at work. I get to make some money and be with friends. How can I go wrong? Above are some photos of a typical day at Cuffy's. The first few pictures are of Cuffy's inside and out. Then there is a picture of Judy in the stockroom. We spent all day organizing it on Sunday. The next three pictures are of Kassie and Judy doing a dumpster run. Then the end of day, when it seems everyone wants to call or come in and buy stuff 5 minutes before closing! The last picture is of out 70 mile one way commute to go to work! Soon it will only be a 5 mile commute.. The countdown is now less than 24 hours till I am officially down the Cape!!!! 4 hours of school left!!!

Say hi if you are still reading!

0000 days til I go down the Cape for the Summer!!!!
An auntie any minute......

19 days til NYC and the All Star Game Weekend!!!

55 days til my cruise!!!

206 til the Boardwalk WDW birthday trip!!!

OMG...I am going to Spring Training!!

Thursday, June 19, 2008

The Countdown begins and so doesn't the insanity......

Ok, if you have visited this blog this morning you may have seen this picture in all different way. Upside down, sideways...it only took me 6 pictures to finally get it right! I have to get a hand on doing the phone blogging thing...

Ok, so now to the good stuff.....

ONLY 20 more work hours and counting!!!! Yes, in 20 hours I will be saying goodbye to the Holland school in Dorchester for the next 70 days, and it can not get here fast enough! Things are heating up here. Yesterday I had a rather large third grade girl body slam me twice, because I did not allow her to go to the bathroom. Some history here, this is the crazy class with the naked girls incident of a few weeks ago. These kids scare me and they are third graders. I have been teaching for 22 years, nothing should phase me, but it does!

Anyway, when they were dropped off at my class the teacher said they had all been given the opportunity to use the bathroom and get water, there was no reason for the to leave my class (these kids use any excuse to leave the class then get into trouble). So when she asked 5 minutes after the teacher left I said no. The girl gets up and tells me "tough" and walks out of the room. I call to her and she keeps walking. I run up and stand in front of her, she yells at me that she is going to go to the bathroom then body slams me. I get up and tell her I am taking her to the office and she body slams me again. Another teacher comes over and she pushes that teacher out of the way. I go to the office and tell them I have had enough, and someone needs to come and deal with this as I have an entire class unattended. I write up an incident report, and give it to the right people. At the end of the day the girl comes into my room and apologizes. So ask me what her punishment was for assulting me? NOTHING!!! She is back in school today like nothing happened yesterday! You got to wonder what we think we are teaching them when they are allowed to hurt an adult and not pay a consequence!

How do we deal with kids like these? Another child from this particular class last week started throwing chairs in my room because someone looked at her funny. When I went to talk to the teacher and get the telephone number to call the parent, she told me I couldn't it was to late to call. I guess the girls father was killed in a shooting right before school started in Sept. Her mother is in jail, and her grandmother; whom she lives with, can only be called before 10 am because after that even if she answers the phone she will be to drunk to remember anything anyway. You have to wonder how that kid even comes to school let alone learn!

Things here get hectic at the end of the year. Kids thrive on structure, and they know it is about to be taken away. Already the quest for cereal boxes has begun. Kids taking them home to make sure they have food. Here they get two meals a day, breakfast and lunch served. It is sad that the closer to the end of the school year it gets the more violent and crazy the school gets!

20 more hours...thats it 20 more.....

Wish me luck!

This is what I have to look forward to in just 4.5 more days! Thanks to my friend Vanessa for this and a few other pictures you will be seeing on here!!!!!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

No more empty space...

Ok, so this was an empty post and since Judy was obnoxious I decided to write something here! I have decided that this would be an update post! In exactly 4 days the girls and I will be down the Cape! Falmouth here we come! This year promises to be a great summer. We are there from June 25th to Aug 16th! We are having a big 4th of July party, so if you are in the vacinity please let me know and stop by!

For the first time in 22 years, I will be working this summer. If you can call this work...lol. (I know that comment will cause me grief!) I will be working at Cuffy's of Falmouth. I am doing it because I do not pay into social security as a teacher and am trying to get in my hours. The thing is I hang out with friends, it is a fun place to work. I only work 18 hours a week, and I actually look forward to working. I have been working some Saturdays and a few days here and there for the last month or so. So if you are in Falmouth stop buy and visit us! Kassie works there too!

We have so much planned this summer. Friday is girls day! We have Off roading planned that day and beach time! Vanessa is going to teach me how to quilt. Katerina, Judy and I have the All Star game in July and my family cruise in August. We'll visit Martha's Vineyard at least once.Not to mention many nights watching the future of baseball play at the Cape Cod leagues especially the Falmouth Comodores! Nothing like baseball and friends on a warm summer night!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

2008 NBA Champions!
Boston Celtics!

MVP Paul Pierce!!!!

And Boston has another Championship team! City of Champions!
After 22 years the Celtics are back on top!

Monday, June 16, 2008

What happens when I am not at work

Sue is so sad I am not there she can't work!

hi ho hi ho it's off to ironing my Cuffy uniform I GO!!!!!

Camping pictures

My favorite picture of the weekend!

Our campsite the first night. Angela enjoying our fire and some pretty scenic pictures of the area. I hope you enjoy these.

Day 1 Friday night

Day 2 Saturday

Interesting weekend and a quote to start.....

The quote of the day is brought to you by my friend Rick who has AIDS and has just found out that it is in his brain. The incredible strength he shows and outlook he has is something I grasp onto at times. He is one of the strongest most positive people I know. If you have a moment please say a prayer for him. He left this on my desk today with no reason, and I really needed it! Love ya Rick!

"Life is too short to wake up in the morning with regrets. So love the people who treat you right, forget about the ones who don't, and believe that everything happens for a reason. If you get a chance, take it. If it changes your life, let it. Nobody said that it'd be easy; they just promised it'd be worth it."

Spent the last three days with my Angela at Pawtuckaway State Park in Nottingham, NH. We almost didn't stay when Angela saw the bear warning signs...lol First night was awes0me...We had a gorgeous sunset and moon. We srarted a fire and we cooked marshmellows over the fire. Angie and I put up the tent and stuff up in no time and walked around the campground. Saturday started early. We had breakfast over the fire (ok, so we toasted cinnamin toast over our fire). We did start the fire each meal from fire wood and twigs around us. We really did rough it no frill, gas, propane or otherwise. We were at the beach by 7 am and stayed about 2 hours. Then we rented a kayak. Ok, maybe not "we" but her. I got to pay and stay on the shore having hyperventilating fits while she went around a bend and islands where I could not see her. Ok, so I worry shoot me, she is my youngest....lol. After a lunch of cold cuts and cool ranch Doritos (yummy), we went back to the beach for about an hour. Ok, so maybe sometimes the teacher/mom takes over and I want to tell people off. I came so close to doing it. This group of boys (the oldest probably being 6 and youngest 3) were near the water. No parents supervising them. First they tried to kill a frog...yes you read right kill a frog. Then they were throwing dirt into the pond. When that wasn't enough they started throwing clumps of grass and dirt. The parents were Hispanic (sometimes I am so embarrassed when the stereotypes of my people are true) and I was about to go tell them off in Spanish when Angela decided she wanted to leave. The best thing was when my kid walked passed them and dropped a clump of grass and dirt that had floated by us next to the kid and parent and said, "I think this is yours...thanks". Got to love my kid ;)

The views were awesome, gorgeous. We had a waterside site, mountains in the distance. The mosquitos were not to bad with the fire, citrenella candles and tiki torches. On Sat. night we cooked hot dogs, baked beans, and pork skewers over the fire. We had cold drinks and potatoe salad in the cooler. We had Smore's again for dessert! It got cold at night but we were prepared for that(multiple sleeping bags). We even thought we were prepared for the rain, but not so much. We sprung a leak when it started to pour at 2am on Sunday morning)yes, we had a tarp over the tent). We were dry with the inflatable matresses, and so wasn't our stuff, but our feet not so much when we tried to get out of bed Sunday morning. Breaking down camp in the rain was messy and cold... We looked like muddy drowned rats! (no pictures of the muddy mess...I was not a happy camper then).

We have lots of pictures but I can not post them til I get home from work today.

Father's Day we celebrated at my brother's house. He is days from being a first time Daddy. Ally his wife and my awesome SIL looks awesome. She really is glowing (oh and thank goodness they provided nice hot showers for Angela and I). I can not wait for this baby to finally be born!!! I am going to be an Auntie again! They are going to be adorable parents! Phil, Kassie and Katerina met Angie and I there since they live between the camping and home. My parents and Ally's parents were there too. We played Wii golf. That was the first time I had ever used a Wii, it was quite fun! We all had a good afternoon together. Happy belated Father's Day to all my father friends :)

Countdown til I get out of school is now 4.5 days. 5.5 days til I get down the Cape! My children are all officially out today!

Finally, loosing anything in life hurts. The only way through it is to remember the good memories, and all the love until the pain subsides. What remains is the good stuff (if you are lucky). Hope you all have fond good memories.

Love ya all!
Pictures will follow!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Something that caught my eye

A true friend reaches for your hand and touches your heart. 
~Author Unknown

Ramblings and thoughts today

Happy 1st Birthday to the Sargent Twinnies!

Surfing the net and came across this! Some men just have to get "it" any way they can!

This says it all!!!

$4.13 a gallon in Franklin, Ma

**It is supposed to rain and I am going camping with my youngest daughter Angela this weekend....UUUGH! Hopefully the forecast is wrong for Nottingham, NH.

** I need to print out the directions.

** Kassie better call her boss about time off or it is going to be ugly.

** Katerina has her last soccer game of the season this weekend, and I am so not upset I am missing it.

** Someone call me in sick to work for the rest of my life?

** Dang it I hope she kicks his ass out!

** Wrigley needs his heartworm meds, better get them.

** Where are all my underwear and socks?!?!?!

** Having all daughters can be a pleasure or a nightmare....pick one for me today!

**Damn toilet isn't flushing right.

** Red Sox WON!!!!

** I hope my SIL has the baby on the 25th I get $115 in the baby pool if I do.

**I got to get my ass out of bed.

** Who farted?

** Do you notice the older you get the that every time you walk by the bathroom you need to go?

** All this thinking and I am not out of bed yet....

**I am going to commune with nature and my youngest DD Angela for the weekend. I wonder who will win, nature or me.....lol.

** Pictures will follow...now no laughing please!!!

** 6.5 days of hell left before I am free....free at last! Can't come soon enough this year!

** Oh and Marie my dear friend??? You got to remind the insane about stuff...I hope you feel better.

Monday, June 9, 2008

Fenway Park

Sunday was awesome! We got into Boston and watched some of batting practice. It was about 98 degrees at game time. As usual I cried through the National Anthem, and the bottom picture I posted touched me. One sole police officer on the field away from all the hubub saluting the flag. I can't help but be grateful for being here.

I went to the game with my friend Judy, and if you have read this blog you know she has a sick but understandable fascination with Jason Varitek's tight buns of steel! If you ask her adorable 2 year old niece about Jason Vatirtek she can tell you he is number 33 and has cute cheeks or Nalgas buenas in Spanish! Anyway, poor Judy got some good pictures of Jason, but alas she was not able to find out if he truly has buns of steel. maybe next time Judy...... Oh and don't believe any posts she posts, she wants to feel his cheeks ;) myspace backgrounds images

My little Nephew Luke and my BIL Joe were also at the game. If it wasn't for Luke I think I may have withered away to nothing, but his spray bottle kept me alive and hydrated! Never have I been so thankful for one of those things. Oh and I think my BIL could have paid of a small countries national debt for what that fan/squirt bottle thing cost him.

Judy and I both got to wear the 2007 World Series Champion ring made for David Ortiz while we were in Fenway. I have been trying to upload the pictures but have been unsuccessful. Man, that sucker was heavy and worth $26,000.00 yes 26K dollars! 
Yes, the Red Sox won by a score of 2-1 against the Seattle Mariners. We are in first place and are playing the Baltimore Oriole's next. 

This is my second to last week of school. I can't wait to get out of Dodge. With gas costing about $4.10 a gallon I am spending half my salary driving to work each day! Geez!

In the next three weeks I should be an Auntie. I can't wait...I am hoping for a niece, but a healthy baby is really all I want then to have. 

Ok, so a friend of mine has a blog with lots of pictures and smileys and no matter when I read it, it makes me smile a bit. So today I was reading farther back and came across this smiley. I could not stop laughing and it is so true right now! OMG!!!! 

Yup that is sooooooo ME!!!!

So, guys if you are reading this...please post! I was hoping to catch you guys up with my life. Hear about yours and keep in touch. let me know you guys are reading ok? Please?

Later gators! Love yas!