Monday, November 24, 2008

Holland Loving Angels...Can you please help????

Hi guys...I know I haven't written here in forever, and am not sure anyone is even going to read this. Life has gotten very hectic and my DH has lost his job. I have taken on more of a second job and well there are only so many hours in a day. That is neither here nor there...this post is asking again for help for the kids at my school.

There are over 700 children at my school, most under poverty level. Each year we provide a little Christmas for kids who would not get anything at all. Please if you can (and I understand if you can't) please help us out. We will take anything from a Matchbox car to a Barbie doll...anything crayons, coloring books, games any toys. We would also love, glove, mittens hats, scarves, socks...ect. Teachers each year adopt a family or child, this year that has already happened and we have over 30 families which at this moment we can not help. Last year people who donated through here and the LODGE helped 35 families celebrate Christmas.

Here is how the "Angels" started Christine our speech therapist was working with a 5th grade student 9 years ago. The little girl told her she had never owned a Barbie doll in her life. She went on to tell Christine how her family did not have enough money so she had never recieved any Christmas presents. That year the little girl recieved 4 beautiful Barbie dolls and some clothes. At that point the Holland Loving Angels were born. Each year the amount of families has increased.

Please if you can help in any way, it would be greatly appreciated and you can know you made a child's Christmas that much better.

Please send any donations to:

John P Holland School
c/o Gloria Caruso
85 Olney St.
Dorchester, MA 02121

I thank you and Hope you all have a wonderful and safe Holiday season!

Items that needed
hot wheels
super hero figures
art supplies
play dough
really anything you think a kid would like....
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Judy said...

Count me in, you know we will do as many sweatshirts as we can possibly handle between all of us here at the store!

Mare said...

Glo, we would love to help. =)

I know that last year on the Lodge you gave a pretty detailed list. Could you please do the same thing here, too?

glo said...

Thanks Mare I will list items...I would love to list at the Lodge everyone there was so generous, but feel funny just coming there to ask for help. I hope some people check here :) Thanks

Christa said...

Tagged you!

I'll keep my eyes peeled for the list for your kids.