Friday, December 10, 2010

Royal Caribbean Cruise Line Raises suggested gratuity recommendations.....

Most people who work the labor intensive jobs on a cruise ship get paid very low wages. Most of them that I have met are sending most of their money back to where they live to family, and they make more in tips than in their paychecks. I must admit that it is quite a raise, but most of these people more than earn what they are even suggesting now...The increase is across the board 19%.

How do you feel about it? I think it is fair. We may not like it, but for the most part, cruise ship personnel really earn those tips. The new recommended daily gratuity for dining and housekeeping staff is $11.65 per passenger and $13.90 per suite passenger, for sailings that commence on and after July 1. The current recommended gratuity is $12 for passengers in suites and $9.75 for everyone else. 

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Judy1229 said...

I have no problem with the increase, they really do work hard for very little wages. We spend thousands of dollars to vacation and be pampered. I have always encountered superior service on my cruises and tip more than the recommended amounts anyway. This increase will not keep me from cruising. It is a fair increase, and for the majority of the workers (there are always the ones that fall below good guest service) a well deserved increase!

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