Monday, January 11, 2010

So...This will be a travel blog from now on...

Here, I will blog about things pertaining to travel. Our own travel experiences, funnies, stories and anything else that you may just find entertaining. Or then again maybe you will just think I am insane, either way as long as you follow and not have me committed, I am fine with it.

So, today I was thinking of how we are driving to Orlando in February. Yes, I am sure you are thinking, but don't they live in Massachusetts, and isn't the weather bad that time of year? Oh yes, that is snowy, icy, Cold Miester making winter icicles type of weather. Maybe I wasn't thinking about the actual getting there as much as I was the being on a cruise ship heading to the Caribbean with a fruity drink in my hand. Can't you just picture that in your mind right now?

So, what lead me to make the decision to drive? We did it last July and it was a great time. Three 13 year olds, my friend Judy and ,myself, and we made it in under 24 hours (of course we went the speed limit ;) )Of course just in case it got nasty I had the emergency Benadryl! I remember what a blast that was and forgot about the time of year. Hey, I am allowed moments of senility! I am getting up there in age, you know :)

So, we will be going as far away from route 95 South as possible. We will be going 81 and 77 and a few other highways tossed in there too....Hopefully we will make our ship on Saturday Feb 13th in Miami. Wish us luck!!!

I will be posting about getting ready for our trip. Packing lists, car preparations, kids comments....Anything travel related that comes up and whatever you guys want to talk about that has to do with travel. I may end up talking to myself most of the time, but heck I find myself quite entertaining....Later gators!

because today's vacations are tomorrow's memories!


Mare said...

Ooooohh! Road trip! =)

Can't wait to read all about your travels, Glo!

glo said...

hey Mare!! Glad to know someone is reading!!! How you doing?

Mare said...

I'm doing.


Lol...that's all you can do sometimes, right?