Friday, January 15, 2010

Grown up girls cruise?

Ok, so I am taking my 19 year old daughter on our very first mother daughter cruise together. We have to get all our clothes into 1 piece of luggage and 2 carry-ons. That might be a miracle in itself. Just her and I. I WAS looking forward to warm weather and reading and maybe even a little spa...What was I thinking? She has us hitting the clubs (does she not know I am approaching 50?) She is talking about dancing all night ad being a goof at the clubs...I will be happy to make it past She showed me her clubbing outfit and I asked her where the rest was. She asked what I was wearing, and I told her Omar the tent maker made my outfit and not to worry. I will let you guys imagine the face she made :) We are just doing a 4 night cruise on the RCCL Navigator of the Seas and only 6 days to go. Our only port of call is Cozumel, Mexico and we are doing an independent excursions to Mr Sancho's beach, where we have all you can eat food and drink, our own umbrella and lounge chairs for the day. Now if only a hot sexy Cabana boy brought those drinks this mom would be happy ;)I will definitely let you guys know how that was. I love Cozumel and want to come back to an all inclusive. So, here is my dilemma, I am going to drink with my daughter. That scares the heck out of me. This will be an interesting trip. There will be pictures...

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Mare said...

Sending 'Hot Cabana boy' vibes your way, Glo.