Monday, March 15, 2010

My new must have Disney World toy!

Before leaving for Disney World I discovered the Wait Time App on Once I heard about it, I told my DH to create an account at, he bookmarked their page, then downloaded the APP on his Blackberry. The download was extremely simple to do and it was installed in a couple of minutes. We checked the wait times, and played around with their program before going on our vacation. Talk about building excitement, we looked at wait times on and off for about 5 days before we left. Yes, we are now officially Disney computer geeks.

Once we arrived at Disney World the first thing we did after checking in was bring up the web page and check to see what park would be the busiest, and off we went. It was not the best weather, but that did not keep anyone away from the parks, rain rarely does. February 16-19 was part of the Northeast winter school break and it was very crowded. Popular rides had over an hour wait to 1.5 hour wait, even It's a Small World had a 30-45 minute wait at times.

So having checked the Line wait we determined what park to attended that day (EPCOT). With out Blackberry in hand off we went. My family and I are big park hoppers, we take advantage of the Disney transportation and usually visit at least 2 parks a day. One in the morning and one in the afternoon. Sometimes we even throw in some pool time in between or some Disney off site outlet shopping. Another great feature was being able to see the current FASTPASS return time and their forecast of when FASTPASSes will be gone for the day. Single rider lines and their current wait times was also very helpful.

While all the parks were very busy, the App was correct in determining which park was the busiest. Their line estimations were pretty accurate, as people were updating them often. Let me tell you my DH entered line updates on rides we weren't even riding. We found ourselves submitting wait times while hanging in line, while eating a snack etc.... Their submission page was simple to use and took only a few seconds to enter.

We didn’t start a day without visiting Touringplan's web page, and while in the park using the wait times to guide us through our day. I know other services exists, that basically do the same thing but we chose because we have always gotten so much out of their site. At $8.95 for 365 days of their site and the App it is a bargain! It is free if you already belong!

In conclusion their program & touring plans made our vacation much more enjoyable and I recommend the Wait Time App for anyone interested in saving time and maximizing their enjoyment while on their trip.

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grc526 said...

I have used the one on verizon and they sound very similar. We enjoyed using it and it definitely helped us avoid long lines.

hwork said...

Hey glo!

Thanks so much for trying out Lines--and writing about it! Let me know if you have any more thoughts or questions :)