Saturday, March 6, 2010

Someone have a gas mask? And where is the dang sun???? (trip report)

Oh yes, my awesome corner balcony room smells bad still. I am talking baby eating broccoli and spinach for dinner, sitting in a diaper for a while smell here! We had to leave the balcony door open most of the night to take care of the smell. I have got to hand it to the desk staff on the Navigator, they were trying. We had three crew members that could not have been more understanding. We had one who did not seem to understand that just cuz I was on a cruise did not mean I was filthy rich and did not scrimp and save for this trip, and practically said so. The more I talked to her the more she reminded me of the wicked witch in the Wizard of OZ.

My family did not want to leave our awesome room (yes, we are difficult). This room is bigger than a normal balcony room, and the balcony is bigger than most suite balconies! At first there was only one other room to go to. It was a normal balcony room which would have been tight for us. No one wanted to go there and it was on the 6th floor, and even when we went to see it it was noisy above us. We chose to live with the smell than be up all night. Then late into the day we got another call and there was a JR Suite we could move to. I was good with moving but everyone loved the location and the size of our balcony and room. The balcony in the aft room was twice the size as the normal Jr. Suite balcony. Again we said no, they over ruled! They came numerous times and pumped the shower and the toilet. By evening it was smelling better. Not gone but better. We lived with it! Our choice..they tried everything. There were three rooms available for us and they offered us the two that were as good or better than our room...can't say they didn't try.

Ok, the Bingo seal deal( a blue stuffed seal) is back. You buy him for $10 or $15 and you get free bingo cards when you bring him with you. Oh and he is good every time you cruise! Mine lies sexily across blocks that spell Bingo, so he is a sexy seal. No, we didn't win but it was fun, and I love the new BINGO machines where all you do is watch for the lazy people like me! We were so close only needed one number! Yes, Judy still costs a fortune. each time we played and we played twice this trip was $67 and we used all our Crown and Anchor coupons and Bingo the seal :)

We did trivia and lo and behold ran into a family from Franklin, MA. No we didn't win trivia either but we came damn close, 2nd place!!!! What nothing for second place?

Then visited the casino...can you guess if we won? Of course not, but it is sure fun trying. Casinos are entertainment. You go in not expecting to win. I have a budget for the casino each trip. If I win great if not I had a blast!

The pool was to cold to go in, and to windy and cold to stay in the area very long. I tried reading my book, and it almost went overboard. I thought the Caribbean was always sunny. Who turned off the sun? I want it back!! This was what we saw all day. Cuba is there in the clouds.

We had a good time today just looking for thing to do. Today was formal night, and though it wasn't as formal is a 7 night cruise we did wear appropriate clothing. We were shocked to see Bermuda length shorts, polos and even a couple of sneakers in the dining room tonight.  Food was yummy and we had escago which is one of my favorites, but it was Italian night. Lobster night is another night.

Hoping tomorrow is sunny enough to do the Zipline in Labadee Haiti!!!

We have enjoyed the towel animals so far!

If you want to have all this us at Second Star Travel 1-508-808-5995

because today's vacations are tomorrow's memories!


Judy said...

Maybe your USB cable didn't like the smell in the room either?? :p Does BINGO still cost a small fortune to play? I'd rather take my chances with that money in the casino (lol).
I am enjoying reading about your adventures, you couldn't pay me to do a zip line, can't wait to hear about it!

Vanessa said...

Boo for stinky RCCL rooms! Yeah for the crew who tried to solve the problem.
cant wait for pictures....any zipline pictures? what size card does your new camera use?

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the tips about Jamaica, they were very helpful.
Thanks , Gloria