Wednesday, June 30, 2010

T-minus 48 hours an counting til I board the Norwegian Epic!

By this time on Friday we will be at the cruise terminal in NYC. Almost had a heart attack when I was told the parking at the terminal was $30 a day. So, keep that in mind if you are cruising out of NYC. We are planning on leaving Massachusetts at 3 am to get to the terminal by 8 am. We do not want to miss one second of this.

We are getting excited. The ship has been getting some great reviews from people on her transatlantic inaugural. I have never seen so many inaugural sailings on a ship. The only complaint I have heard so far has been the bathroom set up on this ship. The shower opens right into the room and is not enclosed. There is a privacy curtain but that just does not seem to be enough for anyone. We shall see how the two of us fair in this set-up.

Anyway...I have made my reservations for Second City, and Blue Man group. On a waiting list for the Cirque dinner show. We will be searching out SpongeBOB and Dora for picture. I am packing my bathing suit for what I call the toilet bowl plunge slide on the top deck. I am trying each slide at least once...LOL. Going out to get a flip camcorder today if I can to video tape our happenings. I have packed nothing yet, but it should not be to hard to pack for a 2 night inaugural cruise, right? 2 day outfits and two night ones, plus a bathing suit? Sounds good, right?

Will be checking out the Spa, the specialty restaurants, the casino and any and all entertainment I can find. I am armed with 3 cameras and hopefully one video camera after today.

Let me know if anyone wants pictures of anything in particular on the ship!

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