Monday, July 7, 2008

Sometimes you are blessed....

one of the people I am blessed to have in my life is my father-in-law. He is one of the kindest, sweetest men I have ever met. He may have faults but he never fails to make me feel special or loved. He always manages to put a smile on my face. He is not a candy coater, but he never says anything to hurt you. He is one of a kind and I love him to death. Today he was admitted to the hospital. He has blood clots in his legs and in his lungs. I ask that if you read this, would you just say a small prayer for him and that he gets well soon. The world needs more people like him....Love ya grandpa

0000 days til I go down the Cape for the Summer!!!!
5 days til NYC and the All Star Game Weekend!!!
41 days til my cruise!!!

192 til the Boardwalk WDW birthday trip!!!
OMG...I am going to Spring Training!!


Judy said...

Prayers have been said since you found out today at work my friend. I know how much you love that man!
Hugs to you!

marcia said...

I feel the same way about My FIL and I know someday we will have to part and that will be sooo hard I hope yours is well soon

Mare said...

Prayers and good thoughts coming his way, Glo.

And lots of extra hugs for you so that you may stay strong for those beautiful girls of yours.

Karen of Sillymonkeez said...

Sending lots of positive thoughts his way! (((hugs)))

Raven said...

Sending positive thoughts and prayers.

Dianne said...

more good thoughts being sent his way

he has such a kind face.

Cathy said...

Prayers said, little woman! Hope he is okay.
Love ya!

Thia said...

My thoughts and prayers go out to your FIL. Hope he okay.