Sunday, July 20, 2008

A trip to remember!

What can I all my friends who are your hearts out! It was awesome with all the adventures and all!  It all started last Saturday. Phil dropped Katerina off at Cuffy's right before we left. We all climbed into Judy's Escape and off we went. We stopped for a not so quick meal at Friendly's in CT and then drove to our hotel in Stamford, CT for the night. We stayed at a Hilton so you would think it would be ok...right? NO!!! We got there and there were no rooms with double beds (which is what we had requested) so they promised us a cot. We waited, and a half hour later no cot (DID I mention it was 11:30 pm?) So, I called down to the front desk where they proceed to tell me there aren't any left and that they were going to move us to another room. Now it is 12 am and I have a very sleepy 12 year old, and crazy red head and me the hot headed Cuban with steam coming out of her ears....We are told that they are moving us to the 8th floor (but we were on the club floor :(  now we weren't), because we were now getting a room with a queen bed and a queen sleeper sofa. We walk in and it is the same room we had upstairs, there was NO SOFA!!! I adjust my glasses, but no still not there, so I go down to the front desk. Steam coming out of my eyes and flaring nose...Never cross a tired, grumpy, Cuban! I get down there and I ask the girl why I was given the same room I just had, and now I don't even have club privileges? It is now after 12:30am and I am ranting and raving when miraculously a double room appears! WOW, just what we had asked for over and hour ago! We are now on the 2nd floor...steerage here we come! We did get a free breakfast, free valet parking and a free $4 bottle of water (because at 1 am there was no soda in the vending machines). Judy and I had fun and exciting ways of waking up Katerina in the morning when she was sleeping to late for us....this particular morning it was having two grown woman jumping on her bed :) Yes, we are cruel! We got our free breakfast, even if we did have to track poor Antonio to get it...We checked out of the Hilton and we were off to Fanfest in NYC!!! We won't even talk about "FRED" the good for nothing male navigational system in cahoots with the NYC toll authorities! We proved "Fred" is male...he never gets the right directions or the most direct route. I had a few choice words for him. He kept making sure we paid the maximum amount of All an adventure though!

Fanfest was fun. We made a contribution to a children's organization and got fast passes to one...yes one activity. We got two passes we could use to cut to the front of a line. Judy and Katerina used it to do the virtual batting cages! Katerina went up against Schilling and Judy broke the cage! Ok, she didn' malfunctioned. First she kept getting the wrong pitcher. Then she got Randy Johnson for one pitch and hit the ball! Finally she got Wakefield and hit him too! She did better than most of the guys we watched!! Then we walked around, had our pictures taken catching balls over the wall...or in a baseball card! Then we went to the baseball marketplace...lots of fun!

After a while off we went to Yankee Stadium! To all you Yankee fans, I have to say it was something being at the park, knowing it was coming down. It isn't a Fenway Park but it was cool! You guys definitely have the best popcorn containers! Loved the atmosphere....I have tons of pictures I will add to this as soon as my DH brings me the cord to download them off my camera! We watched most of the the Futures game and the Celebs vs. the oldtimers game. We had a good time! We had some great seats and we never encountered anyone bugging us about being in head to toe Red Sox stuff! Anything Mets or Red Sox was booed by fans but they were very nice to us for the most part (I say that cuz the last day my middle finger and a yankees fan had an incident). Got back to the hotel around 9pm our only early night of the trip and had room service! More to come later tonight!!! Best things we brought on the trip Sprintzer bottles Judy bought us at BJ's so good when it is hot as hell up in the nose bleed seats!

Randall my friend if you are reading this you ROCK!!!!!! Katerina and Judy you guys are fun companions!

COming up....A fire alarm at 6 am....more crazy Cuban front desk antics (my name is on the Hilton hit list)...."Fred the GPS" gets the boot, and the Stealth bomber and snipers!!!! Keep on reading for more ALL STAR WEEKEND FUN!!!!


Judy said...

Day one of our excellent adventure! I had an absolute blast, wish we were still there to take in more of the sights and sounds of the 'Big Apple'!
Can't wait to read your version of day two, I'll be sure to add MY recollections of the days too! :-)

MariBy said...

Oh Glo that was such fun! LOL! Can't wait to read more!

Vanessa said...

Finally, I've been waiting for your trip reports!

Can't wait for more!

Thia said...

You lucky group. I bet it was a fun trip. I can't wait to read more.

dizzbear said...

Looks like fun! You girls look great in your Red Sox geer!

Mare said...

Hmmmmm...have I mentioned that Mark is totally jealous?

What a wonderful start to the trip of a lifetime! Oh, except for the hotel incident. LOL!

Love the photos. We can't tell that you are having an amazing time *at all*. ;)

Can't wait for more!