Saturday, July 12, 2008

We're out of here!!!

OK, so for the next few days Judy (my boss from Cuffy's)), Katerina (oldest twin daughter) and myself are off to NYC! Yes, we now have procession or almost procession of all the tickets we need for our All STAR weekend! Yes, I will be blogging. No way can you be in NYC and not have something to take a picture of. We have tickets to fanfest, All Star Sunday, Workout Monday and Homerun Derby and yes The All Star Game on Tuesday night!!! We are going to do some sight seeing and on Tuesday going to the red carpet parade down 6th ave!! So, see you guys next Wednesday night...Tomorrow we leave in the excited!! I got a new Mikey Lowell shirt to wear!!! Yankee Stadium here we come!!!


dizzbear said...

Have a blast!

Look forward to pictures!

Alicia =0)

Mare said...

Have an amazing (and safe!) trip, Glo!

Like Alicia, I can't wait to see the pictures! Could you just make sure to include a few with some hot buns? *Drool*

Oh, and not the kind you buy from the pastry shop.