Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Great vacation... Royal Caribbean Rocks...

What else could have gone wrong? Not much, but we still had a blast!!!

First, my daughter went to work with me so we could park my car at my friend Judy's place and take a town-car (Thanks Judy) to the airport. That was the least stressful part of our trip. We get to the airport with an hour and 45 minutes to spare. There is no line at the check in or security to speak of. I take out my million copies of all my confirmations and they go every where. I then find it and we proceed to check in. Well, We pull out everything and Kassie doesn't have her license. She needs her license to get on the ship because she didn't want to pay for a passport (she gets a free one this year at school). So we call RCCL and they said she needed a state issued picture ID. She had left it in her boyfriends wallet to hold and he was in a movie theater and hour away. Luckily he likes her for some reason, left the movie, braved rush hour in Boston to the airport and made it in 50 minutes. I think he broke the sound barrier because he made it. We made it with enough time to actually get a snack and sit a little bit.

The cruise was awesome! We had a junior suite just a little forward of midship. It was incredible. Lots of room, a walk in closet any woman would die for and a bathroom with a soaking deep tub. We even got the bathrobes (we are easily pleased). We went dancing and a nice policeman and his cadets from Philly asked us to hang out with them. We passed , could not see us hanging out with these guys :) though the young ones were cute, even the older guy was cute. Well that was until he mentioned he liked cougars....hhhmmm I won $75 at the slots and Kassie got a new addiction to the quarters game in the casino. We saw QUEST, the Adult comedian, the magician and even the Hannah Montanna movie :) Yes, we sat and watched the entire thing :)

In Mexico we had a blast. We were first off the ship. Waited til Diamond International opened and we went shopping. We did well, then we went shopping for fun stuff and alcohol. Ate in the center of town, and returned to the ship to drop our stash off. We then got in a taxi and drove to Mr Sanchos Beach. We found it online paid $35 each and it was great. It was $16 via taxi to the resort. There was the beach of course better for snorkeling, but still fun. They had tables with umbrellas on the beach, and then beach lounge chairs. The entrance fee included all you can drink ( soda, juices and alcoholic) and all you can eat. Those Dirty Monkey drinks were delicious and to die for. Yummy Mexican food. I had fajitas, and my daughter got quesadillas, oh and lots and lots of french fries for her. The place closes at 5pm their time which is perfect or us to get back to the ship in time. It is less to book online, and more in person so book online! Definitely a must next time...the non motorized stuff was free, and there was a charge for the other things. There was a nice pool area too....

The cruise was to short...4 days is about 3 days to short for me, and Kassie agreed. We hated seeing the days get changed in the elevator :( We did stay one more night in South Beach, Miami after the cruise. Stayed at the Winter Haven. Great hotel in a great area at an awesome price. Would go there again in a heartbeat. Our transportation home with SAS transportation left bad taste in my mouth. They were an hour and a half late for pick up. They kept telling us they were only 15 minutes away. Finally arriving in the drivers personal car because he had been made to pick us up on his day off. There were to many reasons why they were not on time. Leaving us only 30 minutes to get through everything at the Fort Lauderdale airport. Our luggage never made it onto our flight because it was so late checking in. The driver was wonderful and would not even take a tip, and the company said the ride was on them. It was just an awful way to end our trip..
I say we will be back on the Navigator of the Seas in just 10 days and counting? Yes, this time in an aft corner balcony room on the 10th floor. I can't wait! Stay tuned for our insane drive to Miami, 5 days on the Navigator and three days in Walt Disney World at the Swan Hotel!

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