Tuesday, November 23, 2010

I got the not even beginning of winter vacation blues......

Here I am typing this out during my lunch time. Yes, I am dreaming of a vacation I won't be taking this year. This year my twin daughters turn 15 and in my culture (Hispanic) we celebrate their Quinceanera. We have been planning this shing-ding for over a year already and it isn't until next June! Just imagine a wedding, but there is no groom, and they do not move away ( not ready for them to leave the nest, so I am happy about that one). Anyway, I digress.....there will be no vacation in 2011. N Disney, no cruise, no anything...woe is me! I need a vacation to plan, and look forward to...I need something out there calling my name and enticing me to think of ways to upgrade and make it better. Just when the economy (according to the news btw) is getting better and travel is rising, I have to stay home!

Yet, I am lucky. I may not go anywhere but Cape Cod this summer. and I may not fly or cruise anywhere, but I get to dream about 2012 while booking, researching and finding vacations for others. Yeah, sounds weird, but think of the arsenal of places I am learning about to add to my bucket list. I want to visit places now I had never even thought of visiting, and in some cases never even knew they existed to want to go to!

I never thought of visiting Dubai, or taking a Russian River Cruise. I never knew that you could cruise in the United States on an old fashion paddle boat, or  take a safari trip in Africa where you never stay at a hotel. I want to drink vodka with million year old ice that has been cut out of a glacier seconds before, and stay at an all-inclusive resort where they pick me up at the airport in a Rolls Royce and I have a butler who unpacks and bring me lunch at my cabana by the ocean at lunch everyday.  These are experiences that I could not afford everyday, but I could do for a week. I may not do all of them before I take my final trip, but dang it is fun to think about them and have them on that bucket list. Darn movie....I am determined to do all of the trips I mentioned above and I want my kids there with me...We only live once and you can't take it with you.

So, now that I babbled...do you have a travel bucket list? Where do you dream to go? Will you do what you have t to get there??? Let me know...share with us...I am dying to know, maybe just maybe you might have something I have overlooked!

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