Friday, November 19, 2010

Please help our daughter's school help the homeless and elderly

My daughter's school (Mount Saint Charles Academy) is participating in the community service project below and needs our votes. I would appreciate it if you could vote for them.

In April, Tranquil Water Gardens approached 5 local schools with an idea to showcase the artistic talents of their students and to benefit their local community. The idea borrows the Macy's Holiday window display concept and adds a competitive spin to it. Each school is given a storefront window to design their holiday display in. Voting for the displays will start on November 19th and end on December 15th. Voting will be open to the public. The winning school will be awarded $500 to donate to a charity in their community, and the other 4 schools will each be awarded $250 to donate to a local charity in their community. Please vote for Mount Saint Charles Academy.

Please click here to vote for our window display....


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