Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Spirit Air..

As of right now Spirit Airline computers are down on the busiest travel day of the year. Supposedly, this is routine maintenance, but who would do that today of all days? Many airports have huge lines at Spirit counters as people have to be manually entered into their system for check in. Spirit is offering full refunds, or booking on other flights, either theirs or other airlines as compensation. But is that enough for people who do not make it to their destinations when they want?
Spirit Air computer fiasco

This summer Spirit lost my luggage for 6 days out of my 10 day Disney vacation. I did everything I was supposed to. First they said the luggage had been delivered and it was Disney's fault it was lost. Then they found the luggage in Lima, Peru because Disney and Magical Express got involved, and said that there were no tags on the luggage, and it was MY fault. Well, it showed up at my hotel with all of my tags and someone else's tag put their by the Spirit counter person sending it to Lima, Peru. I was supposed to have gotten a $25 credit (never happened), then a credit for not having the luggage and items we had to but...NEVER GOT IT!!!! I submitted everything, and they lost it twice. I have spoken to various people and nothing. I have given up not worth it, but they are what you pay for, lesson learned!

Have you had a Spirit fiasco? Or any other airline for that matter? Have you missed something because the airlines did not follow through with their promises?

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