Thursday, April 8, 2010

First there was Spirit and now Ryan Air?

There has been an uproar over Spirit Air's charging of carry-on luggage, but this one takes the cake. Ryan Air, the Irish airline will be charging it's passengers 1 Euro or $1.33 to use their facilities. Yes, they want to encourage their passengers to use the potty before they board the plane. Thus changing their behavior, to use it less, which will enable them to remove two out of the three bathrooms, and add 6 more seats to their flights. The one bathroom on the flight will be coin operated, so bring the appropriate change :) According to Stephen McNamara, company spokesman these changes will come after the summer rush this year. To make matters worse the airline will increase it's checked baggage fees to between $22 and $30 per bag for the summer rush. This is also the airline who sells the smokeless cigarettes on their flights passengers 18 and older for 6 euros (about $8.72) on all flights. You may remember Ryan Air from last July, when they wanted to have "standing room only" section on their flights so they could fit more people on a flight.

Kayak has a great list of airlines and their the link below.

Would you continue to use Ryan Air with these changes? Do you think this is a smart economic move? Or do we just believe we should pay for less, and keep accepting this kind of thing.

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Judy said...

Reducing the number of bathrooms in the plane is rediculous, but followed closely by making them pay toilets?? Are you kidding me? Oh and I just love the idea of standing room only on a trans-atlantic flight, that is just rediculous...seriously?