Sunday, April 4, 2010

Last day wrap up (Navigator of the Seas day 4 and 5 trip report)

Guess what disappeared again today? Give you 2 chances. If you guessed money, yeah you would be right, of course I spent money, but that isn't it! The sun was once again gone! It was cold and yucky, with no end in sight! Our stinky room smelled good, figures it was close to the end of the problems there, thank goodness. We are getting used to and have started gathering the animals 2 by two..anyone know where we can get cheap lumber?

Ok, so day 4 we watched the most incredible ventriloquist. His last name was Lucas, and if you can catch him on his regular gig at the Rio in  Las Vegas do so. He involved the audience, made us laugh, cheer and even cry. He told a story and had great characters, and if given the chance I would watch him a third time in Vegas. He was funny, entertaining and very PG, you could take anyone to this show. Go see not miss it, and I will look it up and post his name when I find my Compass. Who knows where I have put them.

We were only 1 number short and the first people to stand for the BIG bingo game. It was a fill the card final game and we were missing one number for the longest time, and did not win! Oh well, better luck next time! Below is what a winning machine would look like. The person in charge pressed something before the game started and everyone's machines gave a winning message. To bad it wasn't real :(

We went shopping. Now here is something that all experienced cruisers know. The cruise line discounts everything the night before the last night, and puts it on the promenade. Anything on the promenade the 2nd night will be on sale the last night for cheap. Everyone thinks it is a clearance thing, but it is the same stuff every cruise, so wait on those t-shirts and some of the costume jewelry you see on sale there. Also, get your last minute alcohol or cheap cigarettes.

The last night of the cruise is tip night. One thing people need to know is that the people who provide a service for you on the cruise are not getting huge salaries. They are making more on tips than wages. Many of them are shipping this money home to family. Our waiter James was from India and had a wife and kids at home. He had been on the ship for 2 year and was planning on staying for two more. His kids were 3.5 and 1.5 years old.  He has seen very little of them only when he has gone home on leave, but this is the only way his family can survive right now. Please do not skip the tip for these people. They work very hard for their tips, and they really do make cruises special! Every cruise line leaves a suggestion of what to pay. If the service is good, leave that. If the service was exceptional leave them more! These people really do earn their tips!

We said goodbye to our table mates on the last night. I was going to post a picture of all of us, but I have not heard from them, so I do not want to post the picture without their permission! Hope they read this! We really enjoyed their company.

So, on the last morning we woke up and said goodbye to our awesome corner balcony room!  Above is the picture of Miami at 5 am in the morning. If you can get one, it is well worth the extra steps to the back of the ship! The balcony is huge and perfect if you have 4 people in the room! We will be back, hopefully for the Oasis in the next 2 years.We took our own luggage off and off we went to Disney! Yes, of course it was pouring all the way to Orlando! As usual we checked into the Swan Hotel in Disney World! If you are a teacher check out their teacher rates!!!!

Will be back with the Disney portion of our trip....hope you are enjoying!

Next cruise is the Norwegian Epic July 2-4 for the inaugural cruise out of NY!!!!

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I was wondering where the rest of the cruise report was. I am patiently waiting to hear all about Disney!!