Sunday, April 11, 2010

Why use a travel agent.....

It is a common misconception that travel agents cost the consumer money. Unlike car salesmen our commission is paid by the travel company. The travel company pays a commission to the agent for the booking. So those internet companies are getting the commission for the work you did. Many times, you can get better deals with an agent than you can even find online, because they may be willing to lower their commission or work with a consortium not used by the online sites to find you a better deal.

Price isn't everything-
Your agent will get you the best deal out there. If you are going to save $30 on a flight, but have to get up a 3am...or have to stay at a hotel (negates the savings and then some) an extra night to get it, then it is not a bargain. It is also not a bargain if you scrimped $50 only to find out you could have gotten a much nicer place for those $50 more. A good travel agent will give you the best price for what YOU want...not what you will settle for. Nobody wants to pay more than necessary so an agent can find you the best value without the sacrifices of a cheap trip.

Your time is worth something. If you work, have children, have a life...your time is worth something. Do you want to sit and look at website after website trying to find the perfect location or deal? Or would you want someone to do it for you, at no extra cost to you?

Sure there is Orbitz and Expedia-
Yes, it is true that you may get a rock bottom price for a hotel or cruise on these sites, but what happens when you get to your destination and your hotel is sold out? Or your reservation is lost? Try getting a human being who cares on from one of those internet sites.  Or even getting someone at the sold out resort to help. As one traveler, the hotel or the cruise line does not care if it loses your business. It does care when an agent calls on your behalf. From a purely business perspective, a travel agent can send them either thousands of dollars, or none at all.

A travel agent also has better flexibility in payment terms over an online website that usually requires prepayment for their travel arrangements. Agents can often times hold space for a certain amount of time while sites can not. One very important  factor is that an agent can often make price adjustments when your price goes down between the time you book and the time you travel or pay in full depending on the vacation.

A travel agent-
Worth their weight in gold will stay with you from beginning to when you get home from your vacation. They will answer your questions, make your phone calls to the resorts, explain policies, and make sure you have the documents needed for your vacation. When you get back, they will most likely ask how it went. They will often add personal touches like bottles of wine, on board credits, or discount books to your vacation at no cost to you.

Travel agents have firsthand experience-
When you book on the Internet there is no real way to know exactly what you are getting. Descriptions are purposely vague. Photos can be distorted or chosen carefully to avoid undesirable items. User reviews are unreliable seeing as many positive reviews are fakes and even the negative ones need to be taken with a grain of salt. When you work with a good Travel Agent, not only have they probably been to the places they are recommending themselves, but they have established a trusting relationship the vendors they book for you and can usually apply a large amount of pressure to make things right if you are ever dissatisfied. Travel Agents know that they are staking their reputation and any future business on what they book for you and they take that very serious.

What travel agents dislike-
Customers who ask them for quotes only to run to the internet to book, because they are using you only for quotes to compare or use as leverage. Travel agents spend lots of time and energy creating those quotes essentially for nothing. Please only go ask for a quote if you intend to use an agent.

Though our agency is online we are home based. We are available via phone and fax with any questions you may have. Our agents will help you from your planning to welcoming you home from your trip. We will help you get the best price for your dream vacation, so please give us a call at 508-808-5995 or visit us online at

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Hank Freid said...

In my point of view, it is not matter that how agent get commission. Main think for me is to provide better services,because without travel guide it will become very difficult for us to get information of specific areas like history & more interesting place to visit.