Sunday, April 25, 2010

Writing about packing made me think....

Writing about packing made me think of how much I love traveling with my family. My kids are getting older now and traveling is changing. They like to go off on their own and do thing with friends they make. When this happens, I remember the times when they were little and the memories I have from our travels.

There was the time we had breakfast at the Wilderness Lodge in Disney World with the three girls Who at the time were 3, 3 and 8 years old. Right after the meal and the excitement of meeting Pooh Bear and friends (they no longer offer this meal ), we went over to the hotel gift shop. As happens with kids one starts acting up and the others run for it. Suddenly we were looking for Angela, and I am in a frantic mommy state. We turn the corner and there she is, cuddled up with huge Pooh Bear taller than she is. She is curled up with him with a sly little look on her face. After taking a deep breathe we bring Angela and the Pooh Bear home, and we still have both of them. Then there was the impromptu dance choreographed by Katerina on the Princess Lilly paddle boat in Disney, telling me how happy she was. Then there was the time Kassie, wore her Snow White dress for the first time in the parks and getting sick because she had an earache but didn't want to miss anything, and then seeing that dress again years later on her sisters.

There was the trip to Fort Myers where we all went para-sailing, or in Jamaica where the twins and I (now 13 years old) went bobsledding through a rain forest. The car adventure to Chicago, or the look of awe on their faces when they stood beside a sequoia tree in California. Then there was having an alcoholic drink legally with my oldest daughter now, while we were in Cozumel, Mexico....boy I felt old. Memories from vacations tend to stick with us. They are times when we forget our everyday stresses, and just enjoy each others company. All my vacations have countdowns and are something that keeps me going when things are rough.

My vacations with my kids are changing, but I can't see them ever ending. That is our time to connect and I won't give them up easily :)

Making memories is what it is all about!

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