Sunday, January 2, 2011

1 Night cruise to No where!

This is very cool. You can use it to test the waters if you are afraid of cruising. You can make it an extremely romantic evening out with your honey. Maybe even propose? You can check it out to see if your kids are old enough to cruise. It can be a great bachelorette party or bachelor party. How about a girls or guys weekend? An awesome birthday night or anniversary night. For as low as $79 plus taxes each for one night you can have entertainment, lunch, dinner, breakfast, a night club or show, babysitting, plus your room for the night, the perfect escape. It can be whatever you make of it...all this brought to you by Norwegian Cruise Line out of NYC on either 1/22-23 and 1/23-24 plus the additional dates added.

Each booking gets $50 gift certificate to use while in NYC!

Prices below are for the Category listed double occupancy (price is for 2 people, less for 4 in a room), for the date listed, including taxes.

Balcony room - $569.24
oceanview obstructed Guarantee- $509.24
inside - $469.24

Balcony - $459.84
oceanview - $379.84
inside - $359.84

Balcony - $569.24
oceanview - $509.24
inside - $469.24

Oceanview - $752.44
inside - $572.44

*Price subject to change without notice and correct as of 1/5/2011

Call us ASAP as rooms are going very fast.

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Julie said...

I love the cruise to nowhere. People don't think about it as another option for an overnight from Miami, New York, etc. I agree that it is a great way to see if you would enjoy a cruise or for a special event. Instead of staying a week in a hotel in NYC, why not spend the last night on a cruise?