Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Family Travel Predictions for 2011

As a travel agent who specializes in family travel, I follow the news and trends in this niche closely. I see family travel increasing as the economy and job growth goes up. Families are working harder to make ends meet, and need that time together to re-connect and join together. The family vacation is a must for busy families to spend time together away from life's everyday problems. Many vacations destinations have responded by either having sales, or by giving added amenities and family friendly incentives.

Cruise lines for instances have many family oriented features on their cruise ships. There are kids clubs on many ships that start as early as toddlers to 17. There are many activities that a family can do together like min-golf, bowling, games, sports, movies, pool time etc. Some ships even have characters from popular movies and television shows to entertain cruisers. So much to do in many cases, that you can't do it all on one cruise. Family suites for families to be able to stretch out in have also been added to many ships, so a family of 5 or six can now stay in one room together, often giving them a saving over getting multiple staterooms.

Destinations like the Disney or Universal Studios theme Parks have offered things like free dining, passes to skip long lines, and resorts with family suites or rooms that can hold 5 people. In 2012 Disney World will open a animation themed all family suites resort, Universal has the Nickelodeon Suites Hotel in Central Florida. Both having activities geared to families, from food courts to games. Disney offers Grand Gathering for families of 8 or more, with activities not offered to individuals. Both these parks gear almost everything to the average families liking.

Sandals a very popular family all inclusive resort has 65% off specials and 4th night free. They have also thought about the single parent and waived the 2 adults charge or single supplement fee for one parent traveling with their children. Their rooms can accommodate different size families and some rooms even come with your own butler!There are also kids clubs for the children to attend as well as family themed activities.

My prediction for 2011is that as the economy and families feel better about money and their future, and travel destinations accommodate families better, family travel is going to boom!

Gloria Caruso
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Judy1229 said...

So many destinations are taking family travel into consideration more. I'm happy to see that they are taking all kinds of families into consideration now, especially single parent families!

I saw that the Atlantis resort on Paradise Island, Bahamas just opened an 11 million dollar amazing teen club CRUSH. This looks to be every teenager's dream to hang out at after a day of family fun on the beach!

Gloria Caruso said...

I have to agree with you on the teen club at Atlantis. It is incredible. Why wasn't there stuff like that in the dark ages when I was a teen?