Monday, January 10, 2011

How the Disney magic did this to me.........

Ever watch the face of a child as they enter the Magic Kingdom for the first time, on a family vacation? Heck, even the second through 20th time? It is full of wonder and awe. It is excitement, happiness and magic all rolled up in one. That look is....what it is all about. There is so much to do....or not do at Disney, that everyone can have exactly the kind of family vacation they want without ever leaving the resort. From upscale resorts and restaurants to family favorite character breakfasts and resorts with three story Disney characters outside your door. My family can be riding Expedition Everest in the morning, para-sailing on the Seven Seas Lagoon in the afternoon and watching incredible fireworks in the evening while having yummy desserts! My children are not toddlers anymore, and teenagers can be hard to please, but they never say "no" to Disney. I knew I wanted to share this with others, and for years was doing it for all my friends and family. Then one day a few years ago a friend said to me that I enjoyed doing this so much I should do it for a living. That day I started looking into it and here I am.

My family loves to travel and though Disney is our first love, cruising the Caribbean and US destinations are our second, and we have gone over 7 cruises and visited many, many States. We share our experiences and our failures with our customers. We try to offer our customers the best family vacation for their money, like what we would do for ourselves. We search for discounts, coupons, and specials that will enhance your family vacation experience.

We take the stress out of planning and researching your vacation, 
so you can spend that time with your family!

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Jessica Dempsey of Cruise Planners said...

I have to agree with you here. My kids are 12 and 9 and we have been to WDW at least 8 times with them. Every time it's something different and magical, there is truly something for everyone! I still get tears in my eyes everytime we begin our walk down Main St.

Jessica Dempsey