Tuesday, June 3, 2008

How bout them Red Sox....

Yes, my obsession with the Red Sox continues. My boys continue to do well even with so many of our starters on the DL. Ortiz will be out for at least three weeks with a partially torn ECU tendon sheath in his left wrist. We also have Dice-K and Buchholz on the DL. I would love to see everyone healthy for a change! Even with all that we are in a solid 2nd place in the AL East. A mere .5 game behind TB. Not a bad place to be right now! The Yankees 6.5 games behind us and we hope it stays that way!

I have been to two games already. Katerina and I were at the first Yankees/Red Sox game of the season in April. Then May 3rd Judy and I went. Then we are going again this Sunday and we have box seats!!!!! Can't wait to get there! We are taking the tour of Fenway first., then watching batting practice. I have tickets to three more games in Sept. One where Kassie, her boyfriend Joe, Katerina myself and Judy are going!

We already have our tickets for All Star Sunday, fanfest and Homerun Derby this year. Just have our fingers crossed for the All Star Game! We have our hotel and everything set! Looks like I will be going with Judy to Spring training at Fort Myers next Spring...a dream come true for me!

Mickey Lowell 2007 WS MVP and Hottie!


Judy said...

Ok, he's cute for sure, but does he have nalgas buenas??

Mare said...

I have to agree with Judy. Why don't you have a photo of the other side of him?