Thursday, June 19, 2008

The Countdown begins and so doesn't the insanity......

Ok, if you have visited this blog this morning you may have seen this picture in all different way. Upside down, only took me 6 pictures to finally get it right! I have to get a hand on doing the phone blogging thing...

Ok, so now to the good stuff.....

ONLY 20 more work hours and counting!!!! Yes, in 20 hours I will be saying goodbye to the Holland school in Dorchester for the next 70 days, and it can not get here fast enough! Things are heating up here. Yesterday I had a rather large third grade girl body slam me twice, because I did not allow her to go to the bathroom. Some history here, this is the crazy class with the naked girls incident of a few weeks ago. These kids scare me and they are third graders. I have been teaching for 22 years, nothing should phase me, but it does!

Anyway, when they were dropped off at my class the teacher said they had all been given the opportunity to use the bathroom and get water, there was no reason for the to leave my class (these kids use any excuse to leave the class then get into trouble). So when she asked 5 minutes after the teacher left I said no. The girl gets up and tells me "tough" and walks out of the room. I call to her and she keeps walking. I run up and stand in front of her, she yells at me that she is going to go to the bathroom then body slams me. I get up and tell her I am taking her to the office and she body slams me again. Another teacher comes over and she pushes that teacher out of the way. I go to the office and tell them I have had enough, and someone needs to come and deal with this as I have an entire class unattended. I write up an incident report, and give it to the right people. At the end of the day the girl comes into my room and apologizes. So ask me what her punishment was for assulting me? NOTHING!!! She is back in school today like nothing happened yesterday! You got to wonder what we think we are teaching them when they are allowed to hurt an adult and not pay a consequence!

How do we deal with kids like these? Another child from this particular class last week started throwing chairs in my room because someone looked at her funny. When I went to talk to the teacher and get the telephone number to call the parent, she told me I couldn't it was to late to call. I guess the girls father was killed in a shooting right before school started in Sept. Her mother is in jail, and her grandmother; whom she lives with, can only be called before 10 am because after that even if she answers the phone she will be to drunk to remember anything anyway. You have to wonder how that kid even comes to school let alone learn!

Things here get hectic at the end of the year. Kids thrive on structure, and they know it is about to be taken away. Already the quest for cereal boxes has begun. Kids taking them home to make sure they have food. Here they get two meals a day, breakfast and lunch served. It is sad that the closer to the end of the school year it gets the more violent and crazy the school gets!

20 more hours...thats it 20 more.....

Wish me luck!

This is what I have to look forward to in just 4.5 more days! Thanks to my friend Vanessa for this and a few other pictures you will be seeing on here!!!!!


Mare said...

First of all...

Yay! You got your photos to post.

Although I'd rather not see the little 'Shozu' blip below the photos on my own blog, it was the only service that worked for me. I'd like to think that it's a small price to pay for the ability to get those photos from my phone to my blog!

And as for the rest of your post, all I can say is, "Wow."

God bless you for what you do each and every day.

And just keep looking at that beach photo. Your piggies will be in the sand before you know it! ;)

Judy said...

I can promise you there will be no body slamming by ANYONE this Summer! I am sorry that the last few days seem to be revving up for you, I hope it is tolerable until you can wave goodbye on Tuesday afternoon and set your sights for a Summer of fun on The Cape! Offroading at the beach will be the first thing on the agenda!!

Thia said...

OMG Glo, I can't believe what you go thru being a teacher. You truly are a hero.

I know there is no way the school system in my town would allow that type of behavior from a child, especially a 3rd grader. How do they expect her to respect people if she can't respect a teacher.

The view of the ocean looks beautiful. I can't even remember the last time I have been to the ocean, and it is only a few hours away.

Many hugs to you. You deserve to have a great summer.

dizzbear said...

Good Grief Glo! TG you're okay!

Just a few more days and you're free!

Alicia =0)