Monday, June 16, 2008

Camping pictures

My favorite picture of the weekend!

Our campsite the first night. Angela enjoying our fire and some pretty scenic pictures of the area. I hope you enjoy these.

Day 1 Friday night

Day 2 Saturday


Judy said...

Wow, GREAT pictures. What an awesome campsite, looks like it would be the perfect spot! I love the fire pictures, they are hypnotic.
I get to go next time, right??
Too bad there aren't any drowned rat pics, I would have enjoyed those more, LOL!

MariBy said...

The photos are all great...but I especially love the lily pads photo!
Great job Glo!

Judy said...

Great additional pics, Angie looks like she had a great time! Next time use the timer on your camera and get a picture or two of the TWO of you!!

Mare said...

Glo, I love all the photos-thanks for sharing them! :)

My most favorite of all is the one where Angela is grinning up at you while floating in the tube. Her smile is infectious!

Frame that one, okay? ;)

Thia said...

I love the pictures. What a great campsite. Looks like a beautiful area.

Is it just tent camping there?

glo said...

That part of the campground is all tents, there is a section for tents and big campers in this park, which I really like.