Thursday, June 12, 2008

Ramblings and thoughts today

Happy 1st Birthday to the Sargent Twinnies!

Surfing the net and came across this! Some men just have to get "it" any way they can!

This says it all!!!

$4.13 a gallon in Franklin, Ma

**It is supposed to rain and I am going camping with my youngest daughter Angela this weekend....UUUGH! Hopefully the forecast is wrong for Nottingham, NH.

** I need to print out the directions.

** Kassie better call her boss about time off or it is going to be ugly.

** Katerina has her last soccer game of the season this weekend, and I am so not upset I am missing it.

** Someone call me in sick to work for the rest of my life?

** Dang it I hope she kicks his ass out!

** Wrigley needs his heartworm meds, better get them.

** Where are all my underwear and socks?!?!?!

** Having all daughters can be a pleasure or a nightmare....pick one for me today!

**Damn toilet isn't flushing right.

** Red Sox WON!!!!

** I hope my SIL has the baby on the 25th I get $115 in the baby pool if I do.

**I got to get my ass out of bed.

** Who farted?

** Do you notice the older you get the that every time you walk by the bathroom you need to go?

** All this thinking and I am not out of bed yet....

**I am going to commune with nature and my youngest DD Angela for the weekend. I wonder who will win, nature or

** Pictures will no laughing please!!!

** 6.5 days of hell left before I am at last! Can't come soon enough this year!

** Oh and Marie my dear friend??? You got to remind the insane about stuff...I hope you feel better.


Judy said...

My head hurts just reading all of that this early in the morning!! I hope you find your underwear and socks, because, you know, the grooming guidelines clearly states "underwear must be worn at all times"
You have till Tuesday to find them! LOL

Thia said...

My you have a lot of ramblings so early in the morning. I sure hope it doesn't rain this weekend either. We are camping in Brimfield, MA though. Rain on Sunday supposeably.

Have a great time camping.

Good luck in finding your socks and underwear. LOL

dizzbear1320 said...

WOW! That's a lot of random thoughts...I'm impressed you got them all typed out! I certainly hope you found your undies because Summer Break hasn't started yet for you! LOL!

Have fun this weekend!

Alicia =0)

Mare said...

**Who farted?


I say this in our house all the time! :)