Monday, June 23, 2008

A day in the life of a Cuffy's employee....a photo blog

Yes, the sign is right. Buy two sweatshirts get three free, Buy 3 t-shirts get 9 free!!!

Ain't it

Inside photo. We fold those shirts over and over.

AAahhh the infamous stockroom! I spend hours in there....oh and thats Judy.

Kassie doing a dumpster run and the boxes winning!!!

She's lucky I don't throw her in the dumpster!!!

Getting help from the slave driver boss.
Last minute customer call from hell...she is not happy with me!

Ok, so as you all know Kassie and I work at Cuffy's of Falmouth. Something has to be said for a job you actually look forward to going to. To bad I couldn't do it for a living. We work our butts off there, folding sweatshirt and t-shirts, packing and unpacking merchandise and doing customer service. I won't tell you about my aching bones. What makes this job different though is the manager. Not only does she not treat you like you are just an employee, she makes working fun. When it is quiet and we are folding and putting the store back together we laugh and talk. Sometimes Sue even does a little dance. (Did I say Sue is a 69 years young worker who has more spunk and oomph in her than any 20 year old I know?) The Manager Judy, is known for buying ice cream for her workers as a thank you for a hards day work. Or for bringing in muffins for breakfast for everyone. Judy makes the time go faster because she lets us get to know each other. We help each other out and work as a team. I think there would be many happy employees out there if they had someone like Judy as a boss. Then there is my shift supervisor...My daughter Kassie. Yes, it is a dangerous thing to have your 17 year old daughter be your boss. I think I will risk it. She has yet to pull rank, but I told her not to forget that once she gets home I will always be boss. LOL....

I really look forward to working at Cuffy's. I don't wake up dreading another day at work. I get to make some money and be with friends. How can I go wrong? Above are some photos of a typical day at Cuffy's. The first few pictures are of Cuffy's inside and out. Then there is a picture of Judy in the stockroom. We spent all day organizing it on Sunday. The next three pictures are of Kassie and Judy doing a dumpster run. Then the end of day, when it seems everyone wants to call or come in and buy stuff 5 minutes before closing! The last picture is of out 70 mile one way commute to go to work! Soon it will only be a 5 mile commute.. The countdown is now less than 24 hours till I am officially down the Cape!!!! 4 hours of school left!!!

Say hi if you are still reading!

0000 days til I go down the Cape for the Summer!!!!
An auntie any minute......

19 days til NYC and the All Star Game Weekend!!!

55 days til my cruise!!!

206 til the Boardwalk WDW birthday trip!!!

OMG...I am going to Spring Training!!


Judy said...

Summer fun, ice cream and folding t-shirts...what more could you ask for?? Sounds like one outstanding boss!
I am looking forward to a fun filled summer with you guys here! I do hope to be within earshot when Kassie pulls rank on you though ;-)

Mare said...

I loved this photo blog-what fun!


I think that you've found an amazing gig there, Glo. ;)

And although you may have aching muscles at the end of the day, the memories that you will take with you from this summer will be priceless.

Can't wait to hear more about it!

Debbie said...

Oh Cuffy's is a store, I thought it was a restaurant. And I met Judy last October in WDW.

Nice to make money doing what you enjoy and having fun too. :)

Tricia said...

Sounds like a wonderful way to spend the summer!

Cathy said...

Hey little woman! Great to know you have a job that you love and Judy is definitely good people!! Kassie pulling rank....*snort* can't wait for it to happen!! :p