Thursday, February 4, 2010

and so the planning begins.....

We are driving to Orlando in one fells swoop from Massachusetts in just over a week. Yes, we are insane...yes we have a mini van, and finally yes we have lots of things to entertain us :)

First I researched the best way from our house in Southeastern MA. to Orlando FL. (our first stop). We are avoiding the ever dreadful 95S route and going 90, 81 to 80 something to 77 to something else to 95 in Georgia. Yes, I am doing that off the top of my head and hell, I am getting old you know. I was smart and printed my triptik on AAA so senility will not affect the driving. Then I have taken 4 wonderful fleece blankets and set them aside. I keep the car cool to keep us awake, so blankets are good. Otherwise I hear, why are you freezing us to death? I have stocked up my diet coke stash with diet coke with caffeine (I usually do decaffeinated).

We will start laundry and packing this weekend, so we just have to throw our bags in when we leave. We will take the back seats out of our mini van for extra room. We have had the car checked and everything is in order by our mechanic. Never ever take the trip without making sure the car is in good safe driving condition. Our van had 150K miles on it and running great, so off we will go.

My list of things to bring for the ride. Do not worry, I am slightly obsessive about this and the list will get bigger.

Everyone's I-Pods
puzzle books
drinks and snacks for everyone
a couple of plastic bags (for trash)
cell phones
cell phone chargers
baby wipes(for spills)

Packing list
clothes (summer and a few things for cooler weather)
flip flops
reservation confirmations
gas cards
first aide kit

We will be in Orlando 3 days and on a cruise for 5 days. We will drive non-stop at the beginning and end of our trip. I am excited and nervous. We did this last summer and it was a blast. When I planned this trip I never even factored in weather. Yup, the fact that it is February and it might snow or sleet even in Florida, never crossed my mind! So, wish us luck! Are we there yet?

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Mare said...

Yay! Road trip! =)

And when we were doing the whole relo from NY to GA thing, that is the route we would take. Just be sure to watch the weather before you leave, as most of those roads go through very mountainous areas.

We'll be thinking clear weather thoughts for you all!

glo said...

Mare, I am a wreck! They all got lots of snow this weekend and we are getting a storm on Wednesday night, we leave Thursday!!!