Monday, February 22, 2010

What can I say. We had a wonderful trip and as always I say I am going to blog live, but it never happens. So the next few days I am going to gather all my notes and pictures and put the chronicles of my crazy sun starved Massachusetts family's trip on here. The journey in our 2003 Toyota mini-van. No deaths or strandings at the side of the road. The questions are we still sun starved? How did we fare the 3273.8 miles from Franklin, MA to Orlando Fl, to Miami...back to Orlando and back to Ma? Did everyone survive? Just to wet your appetite we had two colds, one very bad bathroom smell, an awesome view, a meeting with a Princess and a grumpy old man, bob sledding in the rain forest, Bingo and Pandora Bracelets!

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Judy said...

Come on woman!! You better get writing!!