Friday, February 26, 2010

Day two of our excellent adventure (trip report)

So, have you given up reading this yet? Is anyone reading this at all? Doesn't matter I am enjoying reliving it all over again. :) As insane as it sounds we were up bright and early today at about 6 am. We showered changed and all of us were out the door by 7:30 am. We get every second out of our vacation and then some. We started out on the Florida turnpike and hit only a little traffic. Not to many "are we there yet?" from the peanut gallery. No road rage from the hubby. We arrived without any fanfare at about 12. The children, luggage and I were dropped off at the pier and Phil went to park the car in the garage. We had gotten a porter, who took our bags and then put his hand out. I looked at it in shock. How rude! He said," you want me to take care of your bags right?" I looked at him and handed him a $5 bill for three bags. Geez, he could have waited the 30 seconds while I took the money out of my pocket. Now our bags are BIG duffel's, so we can store all kinds of things in there, including a maybe a chopped up porter. He didn't know who he was dealing with. I won't tell him he was going to get a $10 before his comment. Hope you are reading this Mr. porter man!

We stand in line and wait for Phil to get there (seems like an eternity) and then proceed to get on the ship. I got to say the Navigator of the Seas is an impressive ship. It isn't one of the biggest but it is a very nicely put together ship. We had carry on luggage, as we were hoping to get in some pool time, but that did not happen for the adults, way to cold. That didn't stop the girls for about 20 minutes before they were done!

The promenade...impressive

So we went to eat at the Windjammer buffet for lunch. It was early so we snagged a seat quickly (which did not happen again this trip) and had lunch. The honey stung chicken they only do on embarkation day was yummy as always. I am addicted to the burgers on that ship. We had lunch everyday in the Windjammer.

By 1pm we were standing outside the corridor to our stateroom(yes, we were eager). They close the corridors off now, and you wait by the elevators for one of the stateroom attendants to open the doors. As soon as they did it we walked to our room. We had stateroom 1388. Yes, the coveted corner aft balcony room. If you can get one of these rooms get it! The room was plenty big for the 4 of us. The girls had a large pull out sofa to sleep on and our two beds. I will post pictures of the room soon. The balcony is huge! We had two lounge chairs, two regular chairs and one small round table and there was still room to walk around in the balcony! It was not dark or did we have any soot at all on the balcony. I was in heaven!

We put away our clothes, met our stateroom attendant and then noticed a very unpleasant smell coming from the bathroom. It was a very strong sewer smell. We called right away and someone was sent right up. We got ready for dinner and went down to the 4th floor where our dining room was. What a beautiful dining room. It is like something out of a movie. I can picture long ball gowns and tuxes walking down the main staircase like in the Titanic movie...ok, maybe that isn't the best reference to use while talking about a cruise. Anyway, we got a great table by the windows. Then we met or dinner mates.

At first we were a little taken back. They looked very much like they were from the country, and for good reason. Our table mates were re-en-actors from the pioneer age. They were great people and very funny. We enjoyed their company and loved hearing about what they did. We gave them our contact and hope they use it. Dinner is so much fun when you meet all kinds of people on cruises. We have never had anyone we did not like. James was our waiter and he was from India and I can't remember the asst. waiters will come to me. Thank you Angela, she remembered our asst. waiters name Mohammed!

For the most part it was chilly and cloudy today. No outside activities to speak of other than attempting ping pong!

Did have fun exploring the ship. Angela, is not feeling all the great, and has quite a cold brewing. My watch battery died and no place on the ship sells a watch battery.I will have to wait til Jamaica to get one. We all went to bed at a decent time to get ready for tomorrow. Hopefully the sun will come out??? Any takers?

The rock climbing wall.

because today's vacations are tomorrow's memories!


Judy said...

You need a vacation after your vacations! I can attest to that, you are go, go , go from morning to night!!
Keep typing, theres more to tell I'm sure!!

Vanessa said...

Hey glo. I am enjoying your trip report blog. Can't wait to see some pictures.