Tuesday, February 23, 2010

We decided last minute to leave early because of the bad weather that had hit the Washington D.C. and Virginia area. The drive down went well, though many of the roads in Virginia were not completely plowed! Can you believe it 4 days after a snowstorm, and snow is still on a highway!!! It took us 21 hours from Franklin to Orlando with only gas, bathroom and fast food breaks. We packed juices, sodas, breakfast bars, and pop-tarts (no car trip is complete without pop-tarts and Nutri-grain bars at our house). The girls packed I-PODS, two laptops with wireless cards, a pack of cards, books (homework which for some strange reason was never conveyed to us that they had any) and pillows and blankets. By 10pm the two girls had passed out and it was calm and quiet other than my DH's book on tape " ". Yes, believe it or not I let him listen to the tapes the entire time, they are like a sedative to him. No road rage when he is listening to them ;)

We left at 4pm Franklin, MA time and arrived at the Walt Disney World Swan at 12:30 or so in the middle of what can only be described as a torrential downpour of epic proportions. It was cold and windy and looked like monsoon season had arrived. We braved the elements after check in and took the water taxi from the Swan to the International Gateway in EPCOT. The poor water taxi driver had the shipmate constantly wiping the windows down from the condensation, and wringing out the cloth, only to do it over and over again. We arrived at the ticket booth only soaken wet, and got my annual pass. I was so excited to have it in hand! We won't tell Phil I am planning on using this baby well ;)

Tickets finally in hand we backstroked back to our room.

We also visited Team Disney as I am a new cast member and could go to the Team Disney store. I ran in and ran out and will go back in Aug. We ate dinner at the Garden Grove Restaurant at the Swan. It was a fisherman's buffet where they had clams, and crab legs, fish, a roasts, a huge salad, lots of veggies. The best part was the risotto station where you picked the ingredients and they made the risotto for you. It was yummy and warranted to trips up for more from me! Then of course there was the yummy desserts. They had Rafiki, and Timon as the characters and the girls both took a pictures with them. I won't go into my shpiel about rude parents who can't wait with their precious darling for their turn. I want to drop kick junior and his mother, but instead of saying or doing these evil things I just think them.

After dinner we all went back up to the room and passed out before 10pm. Tomorrow goodbye Disney and hello warm and sunny Miami?????? Oh and is that the sniffles I hear Angela?

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