Monday, February 8, 2010

Oh boy, doesn't it figure. I jinxed it. So the entire East coast but New England got hit with a mega storm this weekend. Washington DC has yet to open schools again and they are closed tomorrow. They are going to get hit again tomorrow and we are getting hit on Wednesday. Yes, this Wednesday with us leaving on Thursday. Can you believe it? They are now saying 10-15 inches. Are they kidding me? I am not sure what we are going to do about routes cuz we are driving come hell or high water! If there is no school on Thursday because of clearing out Wednesdays snow then we are out of here earlier than expected. Heck, we live only 5 minutes from a major highway.

I am sweating it out though. Do we go the mountain route and ignore 95S? Or do we live with all the crazy drivers heading down like us and go 95S? Anyone know how to read tea leaves? I'll take any good guess? Right now I am a crazy lady about this and might just drive my DH to the nut house over it before we leave. Guess he would get a quiet vacation that way ;) :)

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Mare said...

Oh no! How terrible!

A few years back, we had a trip planned and freezing rain was forcasted. I decided to take 95 instead, and although I had to deal with the crazy drivers, it was better than sliding over the mountain barrier.

Later on, I ended up driving those mountain roads in some unplanned for scary fog. Not fun times, I'll tell ya!

Hopefully, things will clear up for you!

Judy said...

I am waiting with great anticipation to live vicariously through you on this trip. I'm sure whatever you guys end up doing, it will be an adventure!
You HAVE to update us along the way!!